The BK Mailer:

The BK Mailer has long been the most widely used
Direct Mail campaign for Automotive Dealerships.
It is used to mainly sell used cars with Special
Financing.  The reason why so many dealers choose to
use BK Mailers are for the following reasons:

1. High Response
In general, people with discharged BKs are looking to
reestablish credit and are usually looking to secure
financing to rebuild their financial lives.  Thus, when
dealerships marketing Directly to them, they are more
likely to respond than any other group of prospects.

2. High Returns per Unit
When a dealership is set up with banks for aggressive
sub-prime lending, they are generally able to secure
higher interest rates and more $$$, gross per copy.  
Averaging $3500 gross per copy on BK Mail promotions,
Swift Direct Marketing's BK Mailer dealerships aren't
switching their programs for a million bucks!  
The Credit Score:

Swift Direct Marketing is able to obtain Equifax, Trans
Union or Experian data direct from the bureaus.  
When a dealership is looking for a specific client to
market to so that they can have no problem getting their
"paper bought" by their lenders, credit scores are the way
to go.
Credit score lists can be custom tailored to the following

Credit Score
Presence of a BK (a very popular selection to raise
response as much as 2-3%)
Auto Enhanced Equifax Beacon Score Data
$1000 positive revolving credit
No BKs within 12 months, no multiple BKs ever
No Repos in the last 12 months, no multiple
No open auto loan/lease in the last 18 months
No dept counseling
No past due child support
ASK your Representative of custom tailoring your filters
to exclude any other derogatory or add any other criteria
to fit your needs.

What many people don't remember is this: when you
custom tailor a list, the more specific criteria you
demand, the less response you will get.  This is a built in
equation in Direct Mail that we are up front and honest
with you about.  This equation need not work against
you.  For example, if you are trying to sell higher end
vehicles or new cars, you don't necessarily need 400
people on your lot to receive giveaways in a given
weekend.  You need that right client that is ready to buy
without hassles or financing problems.  That is when you
add more criteria to your list, so that your advertising
dollars go to where it counts.  
Otherwise, the credit score is the universal solution to
customize the pond that you are fishing in.  Swift Direct
Marketing will always ask you the magic question when
setting up a campaign:
"What do your lenders want to see in your clients?"
From there, we set you up with the right lure, tackle,
fishing rod and even the right river to fish in!
Custom Mailing Lists:

We can procure mailing lists made of almost any type
of data imaginable.  We can get detailed information
for mailing lists of both businesses and individuals.
What type of car does your prospect own?  What is their
age?  How much money do they make?  What kind of
job do they have?  What is their credit rating?  What
type of interests and hobbies do they have?
If you can imagine it, we can probably get you a custom
built mailing/marketing list to match.
Give us a call and we'll put together a data count for you
free of charge so that you can see what you have in
your marketing area!
Hispanic Surname Lists:

Tienen una persona en su tienda quien habla espanol?

Well, if you have a sales rep(s) that speaks spanish,
why not market to a list of hispanic/latin surnames?  
We can write any promotional piece in spanish or better
yet, put the Spanish translation on the backside at no
extra cost!  A great way to go in certain areas and
Your Customer List

You might already have the list
to mail to!  You have spent time
and effort earning the trust and
satisfaction of your customers.  
Have you ever thought about
holding a private sale where
they can trade in their previously
bought vehicle for a new or
pre-owned vehicle?  

Direct mail to previous
customers is very inexpensive
and very successful.  We have a
series of programs design for
this type of campaign.
Mailing Lists

Credit  Scores
Expiring Leases
type of job (nurses,
teachers etc.)
no repo's
Registered Car
Home Owners
Hispanic Surnames
Zip Codes
and much more!

Call for more
information on
our mailing lists
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For more return on your
marketing investment,
call us now:


Swift Direct Marketing
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(with multiple locations
throughout the country)
Carrier Route Mail (also called Zip Code
or Saturation List)

For large scale promotions, where you want everyone in
a given vicinity to see your sale, you need to put your
interest in a Carrier Route Mailer.  These are also called
"Saturation Mailers".
The Carrier Route Mail has the following advantages:

1. Cost
With this mailer you are saving up to $0.18 per mailer
just on Postage alone.  That is because the post office
receives our pre-sorted mail piece and delivers them,
one per household, to EVERYONE in a given zipcode.

2. Coverage and Saturation
Everyone in the zipcode of your choice will receive a
mailer.  Thus, you are able to expose more potential
customers per dollar spent on your campaign.
Custom Data Selections:

Auto – vehicle value index
Home Equity
Business Owner
Buying Activity (catalogs, # of orders,
offline average $ per order, Online average
$ per order, etc)
Census Median Home Value
Census Median Income
Child Indicator
Child Age
Probable Teen Driver
Claritas Income Producing Assets
Community Reinvestment Act Code
Consumer Prominence Indicator
Credit Card Info
Date of Birth
Dominant Vehicle Lifestyle Indicator
Dwelling Unit Size
Economic Stability Indicator
Estimated Income
Religious Affiliation
Financial (Discretionary Income Index,
Charitable Giving Rank, Life Insurance)
Generations in Household
Head of Household Education
Head of Household Occupation
Heavy Transactor
Home Market Value
Home Purchase Date
Household Size
Household Status Indicator
Income Range
InfoBase Investor Model
InfoBase Net Worth Indicator
InfoTrend Cellular User Model
InfoTrend International Long Distance User
InfoTrend Internet User Model
InfoTrend Long Distance User Model
InfoTrends PC Operating System
Internet Connection Type
Investments: Active
Length of Residence
Life Event: Child Nearing High School
Life Event: College graduation, Expectant
Parent, New Parent, Newlyweds, Recent
Divorced, Recent Home Buyer, Recent
Mortgage Borrower, Vehicle Intend to
Life Insurance Policy Owner
Loan Date 1st
Mail Order Buyer
Mail Order Donor
Mail Responders
Marital Status
Market Decile
Market Value Model Indicator
Neilson Codes
Networth- Premier
New Bank Card Issued
Number of Credit Lines
Number of Vehicles
Occupation Detail
PC DSL/High Speed Internet User
Personix: Hispanic Surnames
Phone Available
Prem New Car Buyer
Prem Number of Children
Prem Senior Adult, Young Adult
Premium Child Ages
Presence of Bank Card
Presence of Children
Presence of Pool
Property: Estimated Residential Properties
Property: Vacation Property Ownership Rank
Range of New Credit
Real Property Detail
Retail Purchases
Single Parent
Small Office: Home Office
Travel: Vacation Type: Cruise, Casino
Truck, Motorcycle, RV Owner
Vehicle: new/used indicator (1st and 2nd
Veteran in Household
Wireless Product Buyer
Working Woman Indicator