Auto Dealer Direct Mail Perfected...

As you may know, we are currently offering cutting edge, Direct Marketing
campaigns and Marketing Programs to increase buyer traffic to auto dealers
Every process of our marketing campaigns are organized, manufactured and
facilitated (end to end) by our skilled team of campaign designers, high tech
printers and skilled advertising experts. This enables precision procedure,
maximum efficiency and lower costs to drive up productivity and in the end,
increasing your ROI.
Swift Direct Marketing offers a wide variety of marketing strategies. We can
literally custom tailor your campaign down to the last credit score or filter. We
offer and are not limited to the following programs:
Sub-Prime Credit Driven Direct Mail:

You choose your credit score and your credit bureau (Equifax, Experian, or
Trans Union) according to the needs of your banks and lenders.
Ex. 550-650 Beacon Score: any credit score is available upon request.
*Option to add the following filters on top of the requested credit score1:
a.        70-99% paid through on an auto loan
b.        Auto Enhanced Equifax Beacon Score Data
c.        $1000 positive revolving credit
d.        No BKs within 12 months, no multiple BKs ever
e.        No Repos in the last 12 months, no multiple
f.        No open auto loan/lease in the last 18 months
g.        No dept counseling
h.        No past due child support
i.        ASK your Representative of custom tailoring your filters to exclude any
other derogatory or add any other criteria to fit your needs.

BK’s: Recently discharged and/or filed Chapter 7 and 13 BKs. Marketing to a
fresh and accurate BK list is a sure way to drive BIG traffic if you have an
aggressive F&I or Special Finance Dept. Attach any of the Advanced Options to
this list to turbo boost your response.
Advanced Sub-Prime Direct Marketing Techniques to further boost ROI:
1. Guaranteed Credit Card Offer: Every mail piece comes with a credit card
inside. If they come into the dealership, they are guaranteed a credit card
regardless of past credit history. We are able to offer this due to the extensive
list of banks and programs that we work with in regards to this program. While
the credit card is being processed (on the dealership’s premises), your sales
persons are doing their job with the applicant.
This program brings in up to a 4%+ response rate (mail 10,000=400 ups; if
you’re closing ratio is 30%, you do the math). Call your representative for
references and details. Ask about the $15000 winning card swipe.
2. Automated Loan Activation: Pre-Automated Phone Call, Direct Mail piece that
follows, automated line captures client information and 5 line which is then in
turn emailed to the dealership within two minutes, follow up Direct Mail piece to
ensure customer response. This multiple tiered process has brought in a
consistent 2-4% response rate in all areas. See the section of this packet
entitled: Automated Loan Activation Program.
This program is pulling an average of 2.5% response and is getting up to a 5%
response rate.  There is more information enclosed in your packet regarding
this program.
3. Other various programs to boost response:
a.        Scratcher: winning numbers win up to $15000 (guaranteed winner:
insurance necessary for this campaign).
b.        Key Mailer: a car key is attached to every mailer. One key unlocks the
door of a car giveaway or a treasure chest with cash inside. Guaranteed winner,
insured campaign.
c.        Free Giveaway to all who come in with the mailer in hand. Ask your
representative what kind of giveaways we currently offer. Ex: barbeques,
toolboxes, USA flags, coolers, etc.
d.        Custom art on Direct Mail piece: choose how many colors, inserts, size,
paper stock etc. We can make virtually anything you can conceive, so call now
with your creative ideas to boost your ROI.
Further List Options
a.        New Home Owners (1 in 3 new home owners buy a vehicle within 6
months of purchase)
b.        Registered Owners List: target the owners of certain types of vehicles i.
e. Chevy owners, Ford owners, Subaru owners etc. your choice.
c.        Hispanic Surnames: mail to specific groups to increase sales in a diverse
d.        Expiring Leases: Mail to everyone in your area who has a lease that will
expire in a given amount of time.
e.        Zip Code Mailers: Choose specific zip codes to mail to and corner your
area market. This is a very inexpensive campaign with repeated success in all
Prime Credit Score List Options: Choose higher credit scores with Direct Mail
pieces that are designed to target Higher End buyers. These types of
campaigns are aimed at NEW car buyers of all makes and models and also
higher end vehicles such as Lexus, BMW, Cadillac, Mercedes, etc etc  

Our philosophy for marketing is ROI or “Return On Investment”. We design
campaigns to better suit your needs, to drive the traffic into your stores for an
efficient means to boost your productivity. It’s that simple. The precious money
you invest in your advertising with us will result in a multifold return on each
and every dollar spent. Don’t believe it, call your representative for references
in your area to hear their success stories with our Direct Marketing Campaigns.
Call us for full samples of:
BK Mailers
Beacon Score Mailers
Credit Card Mailers
Lead Generation Programs (ALA)
Personal URL Mailer Program
Saturation Mailers
Oversize Mailers
Key Mailers
Custom Mailers
Newspaper Inserts
Registered Owner Campaign
Auto By Check Program
Giveaway Mailers
Scratcher Mailers
Custom Mailers
...and much more!
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